WPI, Inc. projects cover a range of activities. We have extensive experience with economic feasibility studies, education and strategic planning, financial resource gathering, institutional strengthening, developing and implementing management study tours, small business development, management training, public and private sector policy issues, and public relations.

Africa and the Middle East Algeria, Botswana, Jordan, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Tunisia
Asia and Pacific Bangladesh, Indonesia, Micronesia, Thailand, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia
Latin America Bolivia, Honduras, Jamaica, Paraguay, Peru, Argentina, Brazil
North America Seattle, Boston, Maine, New York, Florida, Washington, DC, Hawaii, Virginia
Russia, NIS (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ykaterinburg), Kazakhstan, Ukraine


International Development Projects:

Republic of Palau, Micronesia Ministry of Administration, Palau Development of grants office and assistance in developing alternative funding sources beyond grants for country Grants and Financial Resource Development
Worldwide � Headquarters. London British Petroleum Technical assistance/coaching to Enterprise Development division.
Global Social Investment Unit � developing strategic and conceptual framework of division, assisting in Conference development and presentation.
Enterprise Development
Republic of Palau, Micronesia Micronesia Diplomatic Training Program, Department of State Training in grantsmanship. MDTP Training
Boston, MA, USA Community Development Finance Corporation Provided acting Director of the Urban Initiative Fund
Dispersed grants over $250m in one round from $3 million fund
Set up system for disbursement
Marketed for mini-business loans
Supervised and developed structure or organization
Urban Initiative Fund
South Africa South African business and trade leaders Development of business alliances
Executive training
Executive and Leadership Training
Bolivia Social policy and economic policy think tanks Action plan for financial sustainability
Management assistance
Database management
Harvard Institute for International Development
Jamaica Ministry of Education and elementary schools Educational management information system
Training in application of the system
Primary Education Assistance Project (PEAP)
Russia and Newly Independent States Academy for Educational Development Build long term relationships with private sector counterparts
Provide in-country training and training plans
NIS Exchange and Training Project � Follow � on
Asia Cambodia, Thailand, Mongolia Training assistance in private sector / public sector development East Asia Regional Training Project
South Africa Talent Consortium Business Development Plan Private Sector Portfolio
Paraguay Government of Paraguay Set up commercial arbitration center in Chamber of Commerce Sectoral Investment Program/ IDB
Indonesia Management Education departments in 20 Universities University � business linkages
Active learning materials
Case study method
International business curricula
HEDS Project
Mongolia Supreme Court of Mongolia Tour in the USA. Meetings with academicians, leaders, and U.S. Supreme Court Supreme Court Study Tour
Morocco, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Yemen, Senegal, Honduras, Thailand Governments and firms in Africa, Asia and Latin America Management training design
Export promotion
Credit assessment
Small business development
Privatization assistance
Trade investment policy review
Private Sector Development and PEDS Project, 1987-1995

International Trade Services:

New England and Latin America Small and Medium size businesses International partnering service
Export promotion
Bolivar Program
Mexico, Spain, North America Buyers and sellers of Certain Food Products Trade brokerage
Export management
Shipping, freight, and insurance
International Trade Services
Indonesia Large conglomerates Seminar on environmental analysis
Seminar/training in active exporting
Management Training
New England 24 minority small businesses Export readiness assessment
International marketing capability development
MERIT program 1989-1990
New England 6 graduates of the MERIT program Trade Promotion and Market Penetration leading to export sales TPMP 1990-1991
Bangladesh Government of Bangladesh Development of duty draw-back system
Export credit guarantee program
Technology transfer and training of personnel
Bangladesh Export Development Project, 1990-1993

Environmental Services:

Homestead, FL; Loring, ME; Plattsburgh, NY; Myrtle Beach, SC Air Force Centers for Environmental Excellence Provided community outreach in information on toxic materials on transferring military bases to local municipalities Community Relations
Boston Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1 Conference coordinator for the New England Region � range of topics except for SuperFund Conference Planning and Education
Boston Department of Energy, Region 1 Managed weatherization conferences, etc. Conference Planning
Argentina and Brazil Jones and Beech Engineers, New Hampshire Search for environmental technology partner for tannery waste management Bolivar Program



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